Dr. Reckeweg Baryta Carb 3x Tablet

Dr. Reckeweg Baryta Carb 3x Tablet

Homoeo Tablet

Size : 20g


Influence tonsils, dyspepsia, arterial fibrosis.
Main Benefits-

  • Enlarged Tonsils, enlarged uvula, lips are dry and cracked. Throat troubles from over use of voice, bleeding gums.
  • Swelling of glands, with suppuration (pus formation), that become hard. Glands around the ears painful and swollen. 
  • Burning pains in Joints with soreness.
  • Mouth filled with vesicles and foul, bad breath from the mouth.
  • Pain in stomach immediately after eating food is indication of Baryta Crab.
  • Cardiac symptoms that are associated with High Blood pressure, blood vessels that are contracted. Palpitations (increased heart beats) on exertion
  • Cough that is suffocative and felt more while breathing in air.
  • Fatty swellings, in the breast, neck region.
  • Swelling of arms with pain in axillary glands.
  • Children who are physically and mentally underdeveloped (stunted development), does not want to play, loss of memory and cannot remember things.
  • Scanty menses in women.

As prescribed by the physician.

Dr.Reckeweg's extra soft tablet dissolves instantly in mouth.

Info for Registered practitioners only.