Dr. Reckeweg Selenium 3x Tablet

Dr. Reckeweg Selenium 3x Tablet

Homoeo Tablet

Size : 20g


Selenium 3x is useful to treat several health complications such as sexual weakness, disruption in urine flow etc. It is also indicated in Prostatitis, sexual atony great debility easily exhausted, physically and mentally in old age. Also useful in hydrocele.

Main Benefits:

  • It is primarily used to correct issues related to Genito-Urinary organs in aged patients, focusing on sexual atony. 
  • Relives from severe debility after exhaustive diseases and restores natural bodily strength
  • It is a highly effective remedy for the treatment of involuntary discharge of semen and nightfall and enhances sexual power
  • It helps in increasing sexual desire and treats conditions related to thinning semen without any odour
  • It is also prescribed for erectile dysfunction.
  • It is helpful in hyperthyroidism and prevention of coronary heart diseases

As prescribed by the physician.

Dr.Reckeweg's extra soft tablet dissolves instantly in mouth.

Info for Registered practitioners only.