Dr. Reckeweg R32
Dr. Reckeweg R32

Dr. Reckeweg R32

Excessive Perspiration

Size : 22ml


Undue perspiration (hyperhidrosis of varying genesis). Climacteric flushing, with sweat. Excessive perspiration during acute infectious diseases and fever. Other forms of perspiration (unpleasant smell). Nocturnal perspiration with exhaustion (pre-tuberculous cases). Hot, cold or sticky sweat.


The operation of this remedy follows the pattern of strict offensive of its constituents:Acidum nitricum: Highly disagreeable sweat.

Belladonna: Hot sweat, with vapour.

Jaborandi: Hyperhidrosis of varying genesis.

Kalium carbonicum: Sweating, exhaustion - weakness between the shoulderblades, especially during nocturnal perspiration.

Salvia officianalis: Against sweat and night sweat.

Sambucus nigra: Sweating during acute diseases of various kinds.

Sanguinaria: Flushing with outbreaks of sweating.

Sepia: Climacteric flushing-sweating of the climacteric variety.

Veratrum: Cold sweat; cholic. The present remedy, then will act in cases of sweats and the different kinds of perspiration which accompany certain illnesses.


- As a prolonged cure 3-4 times a day 10-15 drops will be taken in some water. In cases intermittent perspiration (i.e. flushing, nocturnal sweat) frequent, eventually prophylactic doses, e.g. in nocturnal perspiration several doses, at an interval of 1/4 hour, of 10-15 drops.

- If perspiring occurs in the early part of the night the same dosage will hold. One can wash in cold water to which vinegar will possibly have been added, followed by rubbing with a dilution of Hamamelis extract. Also to be recommended are lime baths and treatment with Sauna. To be shunned are toxic agents like synthetic colouring, pork and kindred eatables.


Complementary products recommended; Sweating during infections diseases (caused by temperature variations) makes it necessary to prescribe the following complexes:

  •  In angina and influenza: R1 and R6.
  •  In tuberculous affections: R48 and R57.
  •  In bronchial diseases: Jutussin R8/R9 and R43.
  •  In circulatory disturbances: see R3.
  •  In coronary insufficiency: R2.
  •  In thyreotoxicosis: R51.
  •  In circulatory collapse: see R67.
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