Dr. Reckeweg R35
Dr. Reckeweg R35

Dr. Reckeweg R35

Teething Aches Drops

Size : 22ml


Painful dentition, dental cramps delayed teething.


The therapeutic effects devolve from the action of its potentised constituents.

Aconitum: Feverish conditions; ailments occuring from chills under one guise or the other, coinciding or alternating with toothaches. Excitement, tendency to cry.

Bryonia: Inflammation of serous skins.

Calcium carbonicum Hahnemanni: Acts on the development of the teeth, facilitating teething.

Colocynthis: Excited conditions; throbbing pains; agitation; fits of violent anger.

Ignatia: Hysterical reactions; continual whimpering; nervous excitation.

Staphisagria: Excitation of the nerves and unseemly behaviour in children; ontinual whimpering and moaning.

The action of R35 decreases the pains and inflammation suddenly occuring in various conditions of excitement and frequently preceding illness brought about by a chill, such as bronchitis, eventually also before measles. It is advisable to check the ears at the same time (otitis media).

- The product is almost exclusively used in frequent doses for acute cases. Little children can be given every 5-10 minutes a teaspoonful from a dilution of some 40-50 drops in ½ Cup of water. - With older children, and in less acute cases 10-15 drops, frequently, in a little water. For aches caused by hollow teeth, introduce a little cotton wool soaked with a little of this product in pure form.
  •  As complementary products: R34 to improve the productivity of calcium and the development of teeth.
  •  In delayed teething,including faulty dental development: additionally R34, once or twice a day.
  •  In neurologic pains: compare R70 and R16.
  •  If accompanied by influenza: additionally R6.
  •  In inflammation of the dental root: R35, in alternation with R1 every ½ to 1-2 hours.
  •  To sedate: additionally or alternately with R14.
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