Dr. Reckeweg R59
Dr. Reckeweg R59

Dr. Reckeweg R59

Weight Loss Drops

Size : 22ml


Obesity, tendency to put on weight due to faulty activity of the glandular secretion. May also be used to combat incipient goitre.


The effectiveness obtained through iodized combinations, brought together in organic ways, such as found in Fucus vesiculosus and Spongia, highly stimulates the function of the thyroid glands and act towards formation of goitre. We add to this medicinal composition constitutional stimulants such as homoeopathic triturations of Graphites and Calcium carbonicum as well as of Natrium sulfuricum, a functional stimulant of the liver, and Croton tiglium , a functional stimulant of the intestines.

As a whole, the action of the present remedy is revealed as having a stimulating effect on the metabolism of tissues and on the combustion, as well as an eliminating effect on the excess of fluidic contents in the tissues and a regularizing effect on the function of the thyroid glands.


- 2-3 times daily, in acute conditions 4-5 times, 10-15 drops in a little water. It is recommended to use in the beginning (for 5-6 days) frequent and high doses. Subsequently, take 2-3 times daily 8-10 drops

- In children, reduce the dose according to the age (5-8-10 drops)

  •  Complementary remedies.
  •  R10 in the climacteric age, as well as, R19 or R20
  •  R2 in cardiac weakness
  •  R27 to stimulate the renal function
  •  R40 in coexistent diabetes
  •  R31 with chlorosis
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