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Dr. Reckeweg R85

High Blood Pressure Drops
Size : 30ml
Price : Rs.330

Blood pressure with systolic above 140 or diastolic over 90 (hyper-tension).
Allium sativum: Lowers blood pressure.

Citrus medica limonum: Strong diuretic effect.

Cor: Glandular stimulation.Glandulae suprarenales: Glandular stimulation.

Kalium jodatum: Stimulates potassium absorption, decreases viscosity of blood.

Kalium phosphoricum: Conduction disturbance.

Mesencephalon: Glandular stimulation.

Ren: Hormonal blood pressure regulation.

Tartarus depuratus: Strong diuretic effect.

Valeriana: Calming effect.
- 10 drops 3 times is normally recommended,with as large an amount of water as the kidney can handle.
- 5-10 drops 6 times daily for more severe of chronic cases,supplement diet with potassium rich foods or
natural potassium supplements
- In case of nervous heart types use R2 and R66
- with kidney involvement R18 and R27
- with protein clogging of kidney R64
- with impaired circula- tion R63 and R67
- with venous stasis R42 and in case of nervousness use Vita-C15,R22,R36,R47

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