Chikungunya And Homeopathic Treatment

Oct 04, 2016
Chikungunya And Homeopathic Treatment

Chikungunya  is a viral fever transmitted to humans by infected mosquitoes. Main symptoms are fever and joints pain. Patient has debilitating and incapacitating joints pain, body ache, headache and fatigue. Severe joints pain with moderate to high fever categorically differentiates Chikungunya from Dengue and other seasonal viral fevers.

Joints pain with stiffness, swelling and undue body ache can last even many weeks and months after the actual disease. This after effect of Chikungunya has no better treatment than homeopathy..

Diagnosis is done with serological tests such as ELISA [ Enzymes Linked Immunosorbent assays, which may confirm the presence of IgM, IgG anti-Chikungunya antibodies.

Homeopathic treatment can give relief as early as 3rd or 5th day in fever; however joints pain persists and need further treatment. During initial phase of fever homeopathic medicines Eupatorium Perfoliatum, Rhus tox and Belladonna etc are well used.

Joints pain post- Chikungunya has very effective, curative and exceptionally quick relief with homeopathic medicines. Commonly indicated remedies are Bryonia, Pulsatliia,  Actaea Spicata, Mag.Phos and Nux Vomica beside Rhus Tox which is always very useful in all Joints pain