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World famous Specialities R1 to R89

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Product Name Product Description Price  
R1 Inflammation Drops   Rs.235
R2 Heart Efficiency-Gold Drops   Rs.235
R3 Heart Drops -Blockage and Valvular  Rs.235
R4 Diarrhoea Drops   Rs.235
R5 Stomach and Digestion Drops   Rs.235
R6 Influenza Drops   Rs.235
R7 Liver and Gallbladder Drops   Rs.235
R8 Cough Syrup   Rs.430
R9 Cough Drops   Rs.235
R10 Irregular Menstruation drops  Rs.235
R11 Rheumatism Drops   Rs.235
R12 Calcification Drops   Rs.235
R13 Piles Drops   Rs.235
R14 Sleep and Nerve Drops   Rs.235
R16 Migraine and Headache Drops  Rs.235
R17 Abnormal Tissue growth Drops   Rs.235
R18 Kidney and Bladder Drops   Rs.235
R19 Glandular Drops for Men   Rs.235
R20 Glandular Drops for Women   Rs.235
R21 Reconstituant Drops ( To increase reactivity)  Rs.235
R22 Nervous system Drops  Rs.235
R23 Eczema Drops   Rs.235
R24 Pleura, Intercostal Neuralgia   Rs.235
R25 Prostate Drops  Rs.235
R26 Draining and Stimulating Drops   Rs.235
R27 Kidney Stone Drops   Rs.235
R28 Exhaustion due to loss of blood  Rs.235
R29 Vertigo , Syncope Drops  Rs.235
R30 Universal Ointment   Rs.580
R31 Increases Appetite and Blood supply   Rs.235
R32 Excessive Perspiration  Rs.235
R33 Convulsions Drops  Rs.235
R34 Recalcifying Drops   Rs.235
R35 Teething Aches Drops   Rs.235
R36 Nervous Disease  Rs.235
R37 Intestinal Colic Drops   Rs.235
R38 Affections of the abdomen-right side   Rs.235
R39 Affections of the abdomen-left side   Rs.235
R40 Diabetes Drops  Rs.235
R41 Lack of Vitality  Rs.235
R42 Varicose Veins  Rs.235
R43 Asthma Drops  Rs.235
R44 Disorders of the Blood Circulation   Rs.235
R45 Voice Hoarseness-illness of the larynx   Rs.235
R46 Arthritis of fore-arms and hands   Rs.235
R47 All Hysteric Complaints   Rs.235
R48 Pulmonary Respiratory Diseases   Rs.235
R49 Sinus Drops   Rs.235
R50 Gynae Sacroiliac complaints   Rs.235
R51 Thyroid-Hyper Drops  Rs.235
R52 Vomiting, Nausea and Travel Sickness   Rs.235
R53 Acne Vulgaris and Pimples  Rs.235
R54 Memory Drops  Rs.235
R55 Injuries, healing Drops  Rs.235
R56 Worms Drops  Rs.235
R58 Against Hydrops   Rs.235
R59 Weight Loss Drops   Rs.235
R60 Blood Purifier Drops  Rs.235
R62 Measles Drops  Rs.235
R63 Drops for Impaired Circulation   Rs.235
R64 Excessive protein in urine Drops   Rs.235
R65 Psoriasis Drops   Rs.235
R66 Irregular Heart Beat Drops   Rs.235
R67 Heart Circulatory Debility Drops   Rs.235
R68 Shingles skin rash Drops   Rs.235
R69 Drops for Pain between the Ribs   Rs.235
R70 Neuralgia Drops   Rs.235
R71 Sciatica Drops   Rs.235
R72 Pancreas Drops   Rs.235
R73 Joint-Pain Drops  Rs.235
R74 Bed Wetting Drops   Rs.235
R75 Labour Pains and Menstrual cramps  Rs.235
R76 Bronchial Forte Drops   Rs.235
R77 Anti-Smoking Drops   Rs.235
R81 Analgesic Drops  Rs.235
R82 Anti-Fungal Drops   Rs.270
R83 Food- Allergy Drops   Rs.270
R84 Inhalent Allergy Drops   Rs.270
R85 High Blood Pressure Drops   Rs.270
R86 Low Blood Sugar Drops   Rs.270
R87 Anti-Bacterial Drops   Rs.270
R88 Anti-Viral Drops   Rs.270
R89 Hair Care Drops  Rs.270
Vita-C 15 Nerve Tonic (Anxiety,Depression,Tension)   Rs.610
Vita-C 15 forte Nerve Tonic (Fatigue, Physical Stress)   Rs.1,030
Alfalfa Tonic 100ml General Tonic- Energizes vital functions  Rs.280
Alfalfa Tonic 500ml General Tonic- Energizes vital functions  Rs.1,055
Alfalfa Tonic 250ml (New) General Tonic- Energizes vital functions  Rs.570
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